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2048 High Score

Super Plus puzzle game - Keep playing for high score after collected tile - Game is automatically saved and continue to play later. Play game offline. Best offline enabled game for chrome. social media sites No advertisements Automatically restart from where you left High score. Get to the tile, and reach a high score! Original will take you to roots of the original number puzzle game! Tutorial: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to.

2048 Puzzle Game Offline

Hohe High-Scores erzielen: Strategien für Power of 2. Der Suchtfaktor erklärt sich Wer folgende Taktiken befolgt, erreicht die schnell: Aus vier mach drei. Super Plus puzzle game - Keep playing for high score after collected tile - Game is automatically saved and continue to play later. Play the famous hit in a totally new addictive way! Drop the bricks down and merge similar numbers to get and higher tiles. What's your highest score.

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2048 Balls World Record by @krisol08 Highest Score - 272892 - Max tile 4T [present]

2048 High Score Buttons's high score of , points on [6x6 Board] (Web). 3/8/ · arenafoot's high score of 11, points on Fibonacci (Web). 4/27/ · Most instances ended with a score around , and a 16, tile, but the best instance built a 32, tile and stayed alive long enough to reach a score of , As far as I know, this is the highest score achieved in without undos. Perhaps even more impressive is . It's an okay game to pass the time. Free Fruit Game, our system considers things like how Bad Homburg a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Empfohlen Ihr Gerät sollte diese Anforderungen erfüllen, um das beste Ergebnis zu erzielen. Auf meinem Handy habe ich dieses Problem nicht. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Below is a video of the first 20 seconds of the AI hacking away at the game, mashing and merging tiles at Sky City Spa speeds that we only wish we could Billy Biber Anleitung. Tagged with:artificial intelligence Dinero Gratis Casino, strategyvideo games. What has my life 2048 High Score At over 10, I think I am going to quit on this high note for the evening! Rules: Submitter did not follow High Score's rules. October 19, at AM. Because since it has to examine significantly less board positions, it can look more moves ahead as well, i. I Herzspiel got to ,!!! June 17, at AM.

Just changer my profile picture to my score movies. Oh wow, thanks! I like how in-depth they went to talk about how they calculate maximum utility per move using the decision tree.

The link is much appreciated! My score was kinda insane, and I only stopped because I was bored. I followed the same pattern when I was addicted to the game, and could regularly get and occasional without undos, a few times getting 16K up in the corner.

Highest in upper left, then snaking through down the leftmost column, up the second column, and back down the third.

Sadly the stupid game occasionally throws in a 4 rather than a 2 that messes up the process. I read this after your marriage vs. Very interesting.

The score distribution seems to have two modes. Is that because the , score corresponds to the 32, threshold you need some luck to pass?

We can almost spot two other modes in the distribution, do they correspond to other power of 2 thresholds? In a way, yes. Luck becomes a problem as there are more tiles on the board and that happens just before the 32, is created, and the 65, is almost created.

Putting the second highest weight tile in a second corner not diagonal to the one where the highest weight is , is almost as good as putting it directly near the highest weight.

And its definitely better than putting it in distance 2. I find it quite beneficial to put a low tile 2 or 4 in the second corner, in certain parts of the game, say, when constructing equivalent tiles.

I had it pretty clean until the last few moves. The thing is that I play very fast, so I often make mistakes. I try to never press key up, but sometimes I block all rows and get stuck.

This is interesting. There are no take backs and equal spawning of 2s and 4s, which I think makes a difference.

I think that for analysis of what AI does well, you have to look at critical hurdles when the board is full of large numbers or to put another way, just before you make a big tile.

Here the probability of failure is highest. I have a tile with a tile. My score is I just finished my second round with a score of ,; highest tile is 32, I did not use undo in the three weeks it took.

I ignored all other tiles and let them take care of themselves. I will say this however. But an AI might.

Sure there will be good and bad games, there is after all a random element, but still, as far as I know, no AI as of yet, have reached the next tile up, even after playing thousands or perhaps even millions of games, and that is disappointing.

I currently have the tile and score of , and counting…. I have a better score in this i have made , below i am attachting the screen shot of the same.

Ive gotten the the 65, tile. Without undos. The third highest number is kept under the corner number so it can be used with the third highest number on the top row.

After playing off an on during the day about a month or better, I finally met an end to the game WAY after the and I was quite perturbed actually. I just just the new number of with a score of Just changer my profile picture to my score.

Yeah my highest is 1. With a tile. Your AIs a bit shit ngl. Artificial Intelligence has crushed all human records in Randy Olson Posted on April 27, Posted in analysis , data visualization.

As far as I know, this is the highest score achieved in without undos. Tip 1: Keep your highest-value tile in one corner for the whole game One of the earliest strategies that players discovered for beating was to keep your highest-value tile in one of the corners for the entire game and slowly build it up.

Tip 2: Keep your highest-value tiles lined up Another early strategy that players adopted was to maintain a row of monotonically increasing tiles as you build your main tile.

I took a screenshot from my video above to demonstrate: Notice how the tiles are nicely lined up? The AI chose the top row as its primary row and kept 2nd-highest-value tile on the board was consistently right next its highest-value tile… … and kept the 3rd-highest-value tile right next to the 2nd-highest-value tile in the top row.

Tip 3: Keep the squares occupied Above, I mentioned that unfortunate random tile spawns can often spell the end of your game. Have you beat this high score?

About Randy Olson. I just got to 50k. Downloaded it yesterday. Looks like I have some competition. Finally got a tile win!

Final score: 25, I just got to ,!!! Officially addicted. Download ed 36hrs ago. Hi score to date… 2,, and still playing…. MY high score I almost had I am currently at , Highest tile is My highscore is 10, with a and tile.

Bye: star. Just got and broke , points. I can die happy finally. Tile 33,, score 1,,, See my best score at instagram nuno alemao. Well over 2 million now with a tile.

I am addicted… Score is 13,, Still playing. My high score is with a tile and well on the way to Trying for 16k tile. My score is , i am reach the limit of this game.

My score.. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Recent Posts. On the show and in real Elliot Silver - December 9, 2. According to an article in TechCrunch this afternoon, "Richard Socher, former chief scientist at Salesforce," is looking to take on Google with a new I inquire about a lot of domain names, and I bid on many domain name auctions.

Rules: Submitter did not follow High Score's rules. Tactics: I have an issue with the tactics used to achieve this score. Suspicious Evidence: I believe the evidence could have been doctored or stolen.

Reputation: I don't trust the submitter due to past actions, reputation, or their legit rating. Search for game Advanced Search.

Screen Cam: I don't trust screen capture recordings. I prefer to see video recorded with a camera. Score Doesn't Match: Score submitted does not match the score shown in the evidence.

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You further understand Slots Tycoon agree not to bring claims or causes of action on a representative, class member basis, or as a private attorney general. The game is so addicting I love relaxing after a long day to some xD. In all such Klarna Schweiz, the arbitration shall be held in the English language and administered by the American Arbitration Association or Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. RecordSetter will take reasonable steps to promptly notify the User that it has removed or disabled access to the User's Content. I am hooked on , but this version is designed to allow you to go on to really high scores. However, this particular version stops at and will not go any. Port of to Android. Swipe the tiles to move. Get to ! (And keep going for a high score!) This app will never have ads, enjoy! Code is open source. Super Plus puzzle game - Keep playing for high score after collected tile - Game is automatically saved and continue to play later. Play the famous hit in a totally new addictive way! Drop the bricks down and merge similar numbers to get and higher tiles. What's your highest score. Mastering Learn the secrets to this addictive puzzle game. How to solve a sliding tile puzzle. If tiles are tripping you up, watch this simple strategy. Highest possible score for (Warning: Math) Instead of playing the game (and being somewhat consumed by it), I figured I might as well work out the highest possible score. This assumes that every tile you spawn is a 2, and the last tile you spawn is a 4. Join the numbers and get to the tile! Join the numbers and get to the tile! Careful: this game is extremely addictive! 0. 0. Join the tiles, get to !. zaz_cagApril 30, At pm. Finally got a tile win! Final score: 25, Reply. Noobj3May 1, At pm. i am still playing (3 days 1 game with lots of breaks my score atm is , highest tile 65, i wonder what the highest score ever is xD. Reply. This took weeks for me to complete and end this game and score the highest possible tile with no possible moves left. FYI, this could be possible because of.
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